Eurovision 2018: Fresh stage design pictures released; no LED screens in Lisbon

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 13,442 views

Fresh pictures of the 2018 Eurovision stage design have been released online along with further information regarding the characteristics of the stage in Lisbon.

LRT, the Lithuanian national broadcaster, has published an article regarding the 2018 Eurovision stage which includes fresh pictures of the 2018 Eurovision stage, thus shedding more information and details on the stage.

No LED screens or projections in Lisbon!

The 2018 Eurovision stage will not feature LED screens or projections, whilst new tools and technology will be used enhance the stage in action.

The Eurovision stage in Lisbon will focus on the artists and their songs blending in with Salvador Sobral‘s performance in Kyiv which was simple, unique and elegant.

The Sobral effect

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the creative concept of the 2018 Eurovision stage is inspired by the image of the Lisbon as a tolerant city and its connection with the oceans and seas, which unite Portugal with the rest of Europe.

LRT reports that the 2018 Eurovision producers have revealed that Salvador Sobral has also played a key role on the inspiration of  the concept behind the 2018 Eurovison stage; the simplicity of  his Eurovision performance strongly distinguished his song and uniqueness from all participants.

After his victory, the Portuguese national broadcaster RTP has stuck to Sobral’s statement after his victory: Music is a sense!

Following Sobral’s remark, RTP decided to create the concept for the Eurovision stage.

The organizers of the competition promise that the stage will be different from past editions; a theatrical sensation with a special role for lighting and directing.

There will be no LED screens or projections, thus focusing the whole attention on the performances. The stage according to the developers strengthens the contest’s motto and slogan All Aboard!

Mr. Ola Mezig, one of the producers of the show, is pleased with the creative decision made to abandon LED displays and projections in next year’s competition:

I was one of the initiators of incorporating this technology into the Eurovision scene in the last decade, and we have used it extensively for more than 15 years. Perhaps because of this, I feel that the time has come for big changes – to redesign the concept and focus all the attention on performers and their songs.

Our stage will be extremely versatile, even without LED screens and projections, and will have all the tools you need to constantly exchange and create unique visuals and feelings for all the competing songs. The stage will look fresh and modern, perfectly in line with Salvador Sobral’s  victorious staging in Kyiv which showcased that music is not  fireworks!

The Green Room

The 2018 Eurovision stage and Green Room

After seeing the latest stage design pictures we gather that the Green Room will be located inside the arena as in previous editions.

Florian Wieder the man behind the 2018 Eurovision Stage

RTP invited several national and international designers of recognized experience to present a proposal for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest stage design.

Out of the 9 proposals received, Florian Wieder’s proposal was considered the best and most appropriate to the concept defined for the event, bringing together the unanimity of all elements of the creative team and executive production.

As with the logos and the slogan, the design of the stage is inspired by the history of Portugal and the country’s connection with the ocean.

The designer, Florian Wieder, started from four points as inspiration for the scenographic design of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018: the ocean, the ships, the maps and navigation.

The 2018 Eurovision stage (photo credit: RTP/EBU)

The 2018 Eurovision stage design was unveiled earlier this week.

Florian Wieder says:

The rich history of the Portuguese as a maritime nation reflects, without any boundaries, all of the values that make the Eurovision Song Contest unique today. Portugal and especially Lisbon are historic melting pots enriched by the impressions of newly discovered cultures that were brought back to the home port. This is mainly due to the Portuguese sailor men, who traveled the seas with courage and outstanding skills of navigation.

The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest will take you on an expedition through many different cultures in Europe and around the world. A journey through the high seas of music that pursues to discover, connect and ultimately unite the nations. Portugal stands for bringing together countries and their cultures. In 2018 Portugal will unite the music of Europe. With this Eurovision Song Contest stage, Portugal will be the navigator and compass again.

The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be held on 8, 10 and 12 May 2018 in at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, Portugal.