Belarus: Naviband back with new single and album

by Alex Vovidis 602 views

Belarus’s Naviband are back with both a new single and a new album! The single A dzie zyvieš ty?, unveiled earlier this year, recently received an official music video at the start of this month.

After their success on the Eurovision Song Contest, Naviband are back with a new 9-track album, called Jak ja žyü biez ciabie, made up of completely new music.

The duo posted their excitement about their latest album via their Facebook page:

Привет, мы NaviBand! Послезавтра у нас выходит новый альбом. Работа, которой мы посвятили всех себя последние полгода. …

Geplaatst door Naviband – Belarus op woensdag 6 december 2017

From single to album

The first single of the album is A dzie zyvieš ty? and it recently received an official music video at the start of this month, which you can check below!

The music video was produced by Aleksandr Tobolskiy, who has previously worked with the band on several other musical projects, with ideas and visualisation worked on together alongside Oleg Girel, Artem Lukyanenko and Ksenia Zhuk.

The group’s album is now available to listen to on Spotify!

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