Slovenia: 16 acts selected for Evrovizijska Melodija 2018

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Slovenian national broadcaster, RTVSLO, announced today the 16 selected acts that will compete in the Slovene national selection. Among them, a few known faces.

RTVSLO organised a press conference today to announce the finalists of  Evrovizijska Melodija 2018 (EMA). 16 songs were selected among 108 applications by a four-member jury. Its members were 2011 representative at Eurovision Maja Keuc and music professionals Eva Hren, Jernej Vene and Tadej Košir.

Here are the artists for EMA 2018

  • Anabel
  • BQL
  • Gregor Ravnik
  • Ina Shai
  • Indigo
  • KiNG FOO
  • Lara Kadis
  • Lea Sirk
  • ManuElla
  • Marina Martensson
  • MILA
  • Nika Zorjan
  • Nuška Drašček
  • Orter
  • Proper
  • Tanja Ribič

Eurofans will recognise a few names. Tanja Ribic represented Slovenia in 1997 with the song Zbudi se, whilst ManuElla entered the contest in 2016 with the song Blue and red.

EMA 2018 to be held in February 2018

The 16 acts will perform in one semi-final. Then, eight of them will qualify for the grand final, four through the viewers and four more through the jury. EMA 2018 will take place in February 2018.

RTVSLO has not yet announced the seven members of the semi-finals jury, but it confirmed that one of them will be a representative of the national broadcaster. As anticipated in May this year, the biggest news concerning the forthcoming national selection is that all performers will sing in Slovene.

In the final, six additional juries of five members each will elect the winner: one jury of music performers, one of music artists, one of producers, one radio jury, one Eurofans jury and one international jury.

Watch the announcement video here:

Slovenia at Eurovision 2017

In 2017, Slovenia was represented by the artist Omar Naber with his entry On my way. However, he did not manage to qualify for the final, as he ended in 17th position in the first semi-final with 36 points.

It is also notable that the same singer represented the nation previously in 2005, when the contest also took place in the Ukrainian capital.