Lithuania: Donny Montell to make third Eurovision bid?

by Stratos Agadellis 2,054 views

He might come back next year! Via a recent interview, Donny Montell, one of the most popular Lithuanian artists and Eurovision representative of the country in 2012 and 2016, announced that he is considering a possible participation in the forthcoming national selection of the country Eurovizija.

However, he’s not planning on a solo performance for 2018, as he did with the two previous times, but on a duet with the leading vocalist of the quartet group SELEgidijus Dragūnas.

Interesting things in the making

The news has been confirmed by Egidius’ side too, as he has stated that their participating intentions are serious and such a cooperation could easily lead them to taking to Lisbon’s stage in May. He said joking:

I think our experience and this piece of work are exactly what we need for Eurovision. I’ve been on stage for many years, but from those who have not yet seen this competition. Maybe it’s time itself?

Donny and Egidijus have posted a picture of them two being in a recording studio and probably checking their work. Donny’s caption says:

And why not? This time, let it be with Egie. Who are my biggest Eurovision fans?

At the moment of the interview, the version of their proposed entry was reportedly much longer than allowed, and this was a problem that needed to be solved. We’ll find out whether a new version is adopted or not in the following days.

LRT‘s submission process for Eurovizija 2018 was open until yesterday, 1 December, whilst a jury appointed by the broadcaster has to select which entries will eventually make it to the national event up to the 5 December.

Donny Montell at Eurovision

Having previously tried to represent Lithuanian for 3 years in a row (2009-2011), Donny Montell finally made it to Eurovision in 2012, following his victory in the national selection Eurovizija atranka Lietuvoje with the song Love is blind.

At the Baku-hosted Eurovision, Donny Montell managed to qualify to the Grand Final, coming 3rd in the 2nd semi-final, where he finished 14th with 70 points.

Here’s his 2012 performance in Azerbaijan:

The Eurovision journey went on for him 4 years later, when he again won the Lithuanian national competition and took to the Eurovision stage, this time in Stockholm. With the entry I’ve been waiting for this night, Donny managed to enter the Top 10, coming 9th with 200 points. His success gave Lithuania their second Top 10 finishing after 2006.

Do you want to see him represent his nation for a third time in 2018?