Armenia: Tamar Kaprelian to attempt return to Eurovision 2018

by Alex Vovidis 1,129 views

Armenia’s former representative, Tamar Kaprelian, has confirmed that she has applied for the Armenian national selection via her Twitter account.

Armenia is getting ready for Eurovision 2018 and AMPTV has already announced its national selection, Depi EvraetsilArtists that wish to participate have until 15 December to submit their entries. One of them is Tamar Kaprelian.

You may remember her from 2015 in Vienna with Genealogy with the entry Face the shadow. The group was created together with members from the worldwide Armenian diaspora, coming together to symbolise the forget-me-not flower.

The song got the 16th place with 34 points. Watch Genealogy below:

Life after Eurovision

After Eurovision of the same year, Tamar also collaborated with Maria Elena Kyriakou, Elhaida Dani, Elina Born and Stephanie Topalian – all representatives from this year’s contest – and made a song which is called The otherside.

The song is nice ballad which shows all 5 voices: fans are frantically awaiting for her attempted participation at this year’s contest, with hope of gaining an even higher position as a solo artist!

Watch the The otherside (Unity version) below!