Latvia: Jury hearing phase takes place for Supernova 2018

by Jessica Weaver 5,073 views

Following the closure of the online internet voting, this weekend saw the jury hearing stage of the Latvian national selection, Supernova 2018, take place in the capital city of Riga, this time in front of a viewing audience!

Today saw the potential Supernova 2018 candidates auditioning in the jury hearing stage of the Latvian national selection, taking place at the Alfa Park in Riga.

The candidates selected to compete in today’s jury hearing were chosen anonymously by the special selection of Latvian and international music experts, as well as receiving some influence from the online public vote.

Jury hearing sees familiar faces

All of today’s competitors performed in front the 4-member jury panel, consisting of members Toms Grēviņš, Jolanta Gulbe-Pashkevich, DJ Rudd and Ilze Jansone.

Throughout today, the judges and audience saw a number of acts auditioning on the Supernova stage, with some familiar past faces making an appearance!

Some of today’s known auditionees were the following:

  • Jenny May
  • Katrina Gupalo
  • Katrine Lukins
  • Edvards Grieze
  • Pavel Fomkin
  • Oskars Millers
  • Miks Galvanovskis
  • Lauris Valters
  • Horens Stalbe
  • Rahu The Fool

Some stand-out names include former 2016 participant Edvards Grieze and 2017 bidding artists Lauris Valters, Miks Galvanovskis and Katrine Lukins, the latter of which also tried to represent Latvia in 2014.

Another big name featuring in the jury hearing stage is Jenny May, the Latvian pop artist who has had a number of releases across the country over the years.

Daļa no dalībnieku atlases procesa šodien t/p "Alfa". Foto: Lauris Vīksne

Geplaatst door LTV Supernova op zondag 5 november 2017

The acts set to qualify to the live show stage of Supernova 2018 are to be shortlisted by the Latvian music experts and expected to be announced in due course.