Spain: Ruth Lorenzo releases Good Girls Don’t Lie music video

by Eleanor Cooper 609 views

A few weeks ago, Ruth Lorenzo released her latest single Good girls don’t lie. Yesterday, she released the official accompanying music video.

Following its release, Good girls don’t lie went on to peak at number 5 in the Spanish iTunes charts.

Ruth Lorenzo plans to release a new album in February, entitled Loveaholic, featuring her latest release, with most of the songs being in English. There will, however, be three songs in Spanish.

Ruth has said about the single:

It’s a song that talks about my relationships and being in love, the hardest part. It’s really a warning to the guys not to go out with me, because I always end up running away.

Lorenzo at Eurovision 2014

Ruth Lorenzo represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with the song Dancing in the rain. She finished in 10th place at the Grand Final with a total of 74 points.