The Netherlands: Maan, Romy and Shirma talk about Eurovision 2018

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As news and rumours about the Dutch participant at Eurovision 2018 keep emerging, various artists have taken to the press to elucidate their position.

As Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS has stated that they are currently choosing the artist for Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal, many names of artists are spinning out of the rumour mill. Let’s take a look at those artists that are named as potential Eurovision 2018 representatives, and have actually released public statements about the Eurovision Son Contest 2018.


One of the most frequently mentioned names is that of young artist and The Voice Of Holland season 6 winner, Maan de Steenwinkel.

Maan is viewed as a potentially suited candidate, since she has worked with various renowned Dutch DJ’s and producers, especially DJ Hardwell – a combination of Maan’s voice and international beats is speculated to be a potentially powerful entry.

However, Maan herself has said that, although she would love to participate in Eurovision, she does not feel ready yet, as she is just grounding her career. In an interview on radio station 3FM, she recently said:

There are of course many people that are predicting what will happen, but I’ll tell you very honestly: I haven’t been called yet. I really don’t know anything about it.

She continues:

Well, I consider it a real honour to be able to think about the possibility in the first place, but for myself I still find it somehwat too early, I don’t feel big enough and secure enough to stand there.

Romy Monteiro

Another name that’s coming up in the media, is that of Romy Monteiro.

Another former participant of The Voice Of Holland, and daughter of Dutch singer Antje Monteiro, Romy has several assets: she has a powerful voice, stage experience because of her lead role in the popular musical The Bodyguard, she has a contract with broadcaster AVROTROS (incidentally hosting the selection for Junior Eurovision, among others), and she has an Angolan-Portuguese father. Moreover, she has expressed her interest in Eurovision many times.

Yet Romy Monteiro put an end to all speculation, as she stated on her official Twitter:

Guys… I am not going to the Song Contest! If they ever ask me, I’ll say yes! Which singer wouldn’t? It seems an honour to me! But first my own music…

Shirma Rouse

Where Maan and Romy Monteiro seemingly want to focus on their own career and gaining artistic confidence, at least one artist shows no such restraint: Shirma Rouse.

Soul diva Shirma Rouse, known for her powerful voice, is certainly no stranger to Eurovision, as she was one of the backing vocalists for Anouk at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö, Sweden, with Anouk stating that she could write a great song for Shirma if she wanted to participate herself.

Shirma Rouse is very excited about the possibility of participating in Eurovision, as she said on radio station NPO Radio 2:

I would really want to go there! Seriously. Do you know how dope that is? Listen, I went with Anouk in 2013, and it was so great. Look, I don’t like football and that kind of stuff, but when there’s a European or World Championship, I’m sitting on the first row. The Eurovision Song Contest has the same vibe. There are so many people, everyone is calling ‘Netherlands!’, ‘Netherlands!’, it is so cool, you really go for something. The Eurovision Song Contest is super cool, everyone should experience that.

About the names that are being mentioned in the press, especially the ones of big artists, Shirma says:

They say that those artists are not available to go, but they just don’t want to. Because they don’t get payed enough, maybe? They are all artists who already have a great career. So if you go there, and you don’t have a good song or it’s somewhat disappointing, then yeah, you just sit there.

Shirma Rouse certainly has the enthousiasm to participate in Eurovision:

It’s an artistic choice to go. Millions of people see you. It’s super cool promotion, but it depends on what you want to achieve, and what you’ve done already. I travel around the world as an artist, for me it is interesting if I could do more in Europe or America because of Eurovision. I want to go beyond borders.

However, despite her enthusiasm and publicly shown interest, Shirma Rouse does not seem to be contacted by broadcaster AVROTROS as of yet.

Sharon Doorson

Another artist that has shown interest in Eurovision throughout the years, and is mentioned in the rumour mill, is pop- and dance diva Sharon Doorson.

With a string of international hits and a stage presence to boot, she is considered to be a highly desirable Eurovision candidate. Although the artist is quiet about Eurovision 2018, she is working on new musical material at the moment…

As broadcaster AVROTROS is set to present the Dutch 2018 Eurovision representative within the coming weeks, news and rumours will keep coming out.

Who would you like to see representing the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018? Do you think any of the above names can do well in Lisbon?