Romania: Selecţia Naţională 2018 submission period opens 15 November

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TVR has made public in a Facebook post that submissions for the 2018 Selecţia Naţională will open from the 15 November, concluding after 1 month on the 15 December.

As previously mentioned, this is the first time TVR will go nationwide for its Selecţia Naţională process. Moreover, 6 different shows will be held (Eurovision galore right here). Five semi-finals will be held throughout the country, with the grand finale in Bucharest.

This is the first time the pre-selection starts so early since 2011, when the National Final happened on New Year’s Eve.

This year, TVR wants “Eurovision to unite Romania”, with its music lovers sharing the love cross-country, bringing the historical regions closer than ever.

As a reminder, from 2014 to 2016 the National Final was held in 3 different cities, whereas in 2017 it was live from Bucharest.

Last year’s Romanian representatives, Ilinca and Alex Florea

Who will potentially return?

Mihai Traistariu, who secured Romania a top 4 placing in 2006 has serious comeback thoughts  (following his comebacks to Selecţia Naţională in 2016 and 2017).

This time around, he is looking for bops from songwriters around the world, aiming not only to take home the national trophy, but also the Eurovision one. Will he go through and pull a Dima Bilan?

Ovidiu Anton’s 2016 back-up singer, Teodora Dinu also showed her interest in trying her luck this year.

Baia Mare-born Nora Denes recently released a new single and music video, and the time is just right for her to enter the competition with it.

The last two names appeared in the super-group back-up team for Cristina Vasiu during last year’s Set the skies on fire finalist song. Will they go solo this year?

Eurovision uneşte România!

"Eurovision uneşte România!" este sloganul Selecţiei Naţionale pentru concursul din 2018. Înscrierile încep în noiembrie

Geplaatst door StirileTVR op zondag 29 oktober 2017

Good luck and inspiration should be by the side of all thinking to enter the race, as the submission date is roughly 2 weeks close… Let the games begin!