Ireland: Dustin the Turkey to release brand new book

by Eleanor Cooper 563 views

The controversial Irish comedy act from 2008, Dustin the Turkey, is to release his first book entitled Wiki Beaks.

Parodying many tell-all books published for “shock factor”, Wiki Beaks is due to hit the shelves this October. There was even a bidding war to secure publishing rights, with Penguin publishing winning out.

Among the book’s jaw-dropping claims is that Mother Theresa is still alive and owns a chain of Costcutter supermarkets across Dublin. Other chapters in the book include Dermot Bannon Does The Famine, Beach Yoga with Van Morrison, and Kipadvisor in which Dustin visits and reviews the more run-down parts of his homeland.

Dustin speaks of latest book

Speaking of his latest creation, Dustin the Turkey said to The Irish Sun:

It’s all about telling it like it is. Hopefully after the book comes out, I won’t have to hide in the Ecuadorian embassy. I think the public are ready for it.

The TV star is also set to reveal “the truth” about his failed 2008 Eurovision bid. His song, Irelande douze points, failed to qualify from the semi-finals in Belgrade, finishing in 15th place with 22 points — but Dustin claims this is what RTE wanted. He said:

RTE came to me and said we’re going to send you off to Eurovision, because we don’t want to win this thing. Here’s ten grand in a brown envelope — I said ‘grand’. It all worked out because Ireland didn’t win Eurovision, RTE saved money, everyone was happy.

Dustin claims Wiki Beaks is part of a three-book deal with Penguin. He revealed:

I went with Penguin because all birds should stick together.

About Dustin the Turkey

Dustin the Turkey is a puppet character with a strong Dublin accent performed by Irish comedian John Morrison.

As well as representing Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008, he has topped the Irish charts no less than 6 times, and even ran for president in 1997.