Ireland: Linda Martin indicates Louis Walsh as the proper Eurovision leader

by Stratos Agadellis 1,085 views

She gave her country the Eurovision victory in 1992 and for more than 40 years she’s been one of the most popular artists in her nation. During an interview of hers in the Irish newspaper The Sun, the former winner Linda Martin, among other things, gave her opinion on how her country could return to its old glories in the competition.

“It’s Louis that can find the right entrant”

Unreservedly, Linda Martin said that the entertainment manager Louis Walsh is the most suitable person to discover the new talents that Ireland has got and to bring the country back to its old successful appearances in the contest, which have definitely disappeared in recent years.

In particular, Linda Martin stated:

If anyone is going to find new singing talent in Ireland, it’s Louis. We have an abundance of talent in this country but we don’t have the variety or talent shows anymore. There is always that chance Louis is going to find these artists on Ireland’s Got Talent. I know if Louis found a brilliant singer, he would put them forward to RTÉ for Eurovision.

In fact, Louis Walsh has been responsible for this year’s Irish representation in Kyiv too. Giving an interview to RTÉ last month, he stated that he was convinced for Brendan Murray’s success at Eurovision 2017 and he can’t explain his elimination in the semi-final. However, he was categorical that Ireland should ‘stick at’ Eurovision and go on sending new talented artists who can grant the country one more high placing and – why not – an 8th victory.

Linda Martin at Eurovision

Her winning performance in 1992 wasn’t the very first apperance of Linda Martin on the Eurovision stage. After winning the Irish national final in 1984, she represented her country in Luxembourg City with the entry Terminal 3. Eventually, she gave Ireland one more impressive result, as she finished 2nd with 137 points.

And the second time was the victorious! With the song Why me?, composed by the legend of Eurovision Johnny Logan, she reached the top with 155 points. Thus, Ireland earned their 4th victory and this marked the 3rd victory where Johnny Logan was involved.

Do you believe that 2018 will see a change in recent Ireland’s luck at Eurovision?