Russia: Sergey Lazarev announces new tour

by Eleanor Cooper 1,438 views

Sergey Lazarev, Russia’s popular 2016 Eurovision contestant, has announced plans for a new tour for Spring 2018.

The N-tour will premiere in St Petersburg on the 12 April 2018 and in Moscow on the 19 April 2018. The Moscow show is expected to feature celebrity guests.

Премьера Noвого шоу Сергея Лазарева состоится весной 2018Один из самых ярких и талантливых исполнителей современной по…

Опубліковано Sergey Lazarev 4 вересня 2017 р.

Sergey has promised there will be new music and never-before-seen performances of songs. His live shows are renowned for pop music, grandiose shows and his incredible energy and endurance.

The N-tour, likely named after Sergey’s son Nikita, will be in support of his new album. The album will be released in December, but each song is being released as a single every few weeks. You can listen to the first two singles from Sergey’s new album, Tak krasivo and Cdavaycya below.

Tickets for Sergey Lazarev’s upcoming tour can be purchased here.