Russia: Sergey Lazarev releases Sdavaysya

by Eleanor Cooper 1,258 views

Last month, Russia’s Sergey Lazarev promised that he would be releasing singles from his upcoming album every few weeks. Here is the second single he has released, Sdavaysya (Surrender).

Sdavaysya is described by Sergey himself as being “incredibly powerful and emotional“. It is more fitting with the style for which his fans know and love him than his previous single, Tak krasivo.

Sdavaysya has a modern edge and leans more towards the rock end of the pop spectrum. It even features a classic Eurovision key change!

Sergey Lazarev plans on releasing his new album gradually, track by track, at 3-4 week intervals.

Lazarev at Eurovision

Sergey Lazarev represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the song You are the only one.

Qualifying first in his semi-final, Lazarev went on to win the televote in the Eurovision 2016 final, however his combined score together with the jury vote was not enough to see him win the competition in Stockholm, eventually placing in 3rd with 491 points.