Norway: JOWST and Aleksander Walmann release ThatFeeling

by Eleanor Cooper 570 views

After their participation for Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, JOWST and Aleksander Walmann have released a follow-up single, ThatFeeling

We have been working hard to get it right,Joakim, also known as JOWST, says.

It wasn’t easy creating a song that sounded better then Grab the moment, but now I think we have done just that.

The song in general is about the feeling you get when you achieve things that you’ve been working hard for – something that we felt when we got to perform at the final of Eurovision this year!

We are very happy with our 12 million Spotify streams, and are very excited to see ThatFeeling pass that number!

Their single is very much in the same mould as their Eurovision entry, Grab the moment, with elements of pop, electronica and trap combined to give a very modern feel. Check it out below!

JOWST at Eurovision 2017

JOWST competed for Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with the song Grab the moment and finished in tenth places at the final in Kyiv with 158 points.