Bookies’ Roundup Day 2: Greece and Finland sneak up on top ten

by Richard West-Soley 4,680 views

After a fine May Day of rehearsals for the second set of semifinal 1 songs, little has changed at the top of the bookmakers’ collective rankings for the overall winner of Eurovision 2017.

With Italy still steaming out in front of the pack, Bulgaria and Sweden fighting for a distant second place, and Portugal not far behind them, the only change to the top ten is the slight shortening of Romania’s odds, with Yodel It! now overtaking Azerbaijan in punter confidence.

Confidence rising in Greece and Finland

However, just outside the top ten, two countries are sneaking up on the frontrunners. Greece’s Demy is now right behind France as odds shortened following her first rehearsal earlier. In the meantime, Finland has slowly risen since yesterday’s showing on stage. Norma John had come to rest in a confident 12th place by the end of today.

Can the second semifinalists please stand up?

Tomorrow sees the first rehearsals from the second semifinal in Kyiv. Currently, the songs from this show are not well represented amongst the bookies’ favourites, with the exception of a highly popular Bulgaria in second place.

Only Romania joins the country in the top ten; Denmark and Estonia feature somewhat further down, averaging around 13th or 14th favourite across bookies. With Denmark to rehearse tomorrow and Estonia on Wednesday, can their performances inspire a further shuffle to the table?