Ireland: Brendan Murray announces backing vocalists

by Stratos Agadellis 1,026 views

The Irish delegation of 2017  is working hard and hasn’t stopped rehearsing. On the eve before their departure to Kyiv, the Irish entrant Brendan Murray announced the names of his backing vocalists.

The team is remarkable

The five vocalists will accompany Brendan on stage will be Graham Kelly, Jules Edwards, Shane McDaid, Alison Vardmiller and Margot Daly. Apart from the continuous rehearsals at the RΤÉ studios in Dublin for Eurovision, the team is preparing to perform in The Late Late Show on that Friday. This is Ireland’s most famous television show since its beginning in 1964. The Late Late Show is quite related to the contest, as from 2009 to 2015, the Irish representative was chosen through a special edition of it. Its current host is Ryan Tubridy.

Here is Brendan’s post on Instagram:

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Ireland, with 7 victories is the country which has won the most times the Eurovision Song Contest. This year marks its 51st appearance to the contest, while its last qualification to the final was in 2013 with Ryan Dolan and Only love survives.

The country is performing 9th in the second semi-final on 11 May, trying to qualify for the final of 13 May. The 62nd Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to take place on 9, 11 and 13 May at the IEC in Kyiv, Ukraine.