Discover Kyiv: The transport in the city: how to commute?

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Coming to Kyiv for Eurovision? Are you worried about how you are going to move around the Ukrainian capital during your stay? Relax and sit back, as today we will have a look at the transport system in the 2017 Eurovision host city. We bring you a concise guide on Kyiv’s transport system in order to help you commute in the city during Eurovision.

The transport system in Kyiv is quite efficient and cheap; I would personally use Uber or the Kyiv Metro in order to get around the city. If you opt for a taxi, then I’d advise you to call for an official taxi or book in advance. Make sure you fix the price before you get into the taxi.

Kyiv Metro is the fastest and most popular means of transport in the city, it is also one of the cheapest. Bear in mind that the city’s Metro is always crowded and you should be alert of pickpockets as in any other big city and always guard your purses, wallets, phones and belongings at all times.

There are several ways of commuting in Kyiv:

  • Kyiv Metro
  • Bus
  • Tram
  • Funicular
  • Trolley-Bus
  • Mini Buses (Fixed Rate Taxi) – Marshrutka
  • Light Rail Train
  • Taxi
  • Uber
Kyiv Transport System ( Metro/Tram)

Kyiv Metro

Kyiv Metro one of the most popular transport systems in the city

Kyiv’s Metro is one of the fastest ways to get around the city and consists of 3 lines (Green, Red and Blue), 52 stations and 3 transfer hubs (all located in the city centre). Kyiv’s metro stations are a sight for sore eyes; each station is unique with its own decor and characteristic.

  • Red Line 1 – (Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska)
  • Blue Line 2 (Kurenivsko-Chervonoarmiyska)
  • Green Line 3 (Syretsko-Pecherska)


Kyiv Metro Map

Don’t forget to visit Arsenalna Station which happens to be the deepest station in the world.

The Metro operates from 05.30 AM-00:00 AM; during Eurovision it might run for longer hours. A ride on the Metro will cost you 4 UAH (0.14 Euros).

You can buy tokens from the cashier or automatic exchange machines at the Metro Station. You can also buy a Top Up Card at the cashier and top up your card. You can top up your card with up to to 50 trips either at the cashier or at the automatic machines found in the stations.

Exhange Machines at the Metro Stations to buy tokens or top up your Travel Card (photo credit: Sergio Jiandani)

You can purchase a total of 5 tokens from the machine for 20 UAH; you only need to use 1 token per ride, no matter the distance.


  • One-month travel card: 95 UAH (3.30 Euros)
  • One half-month travel card: 48 UAH (1.68 Euros)
  • Travel card for limited rides (top up card): 7 UAH (0.25 Euros) (only a plastic card)
  • 1 token per ride: 4 UAH (0.14 Euros)
  • 5  plastic tokens: 20 UAH ( 0.70 Euros)

How to get to the Eurovision venue from the city Centre by Metro?

In fact if you are planning to commute in the city during the Eurovision Song Contest and want to travel to the International Exhibition Centre then the subway is one of the quickest and cheapest options. You should take the Red Line in order to get to the Eurovision venue and get down at Livoberezhna Station.

Livoberezhna Metro Station Entrance (photo credit: Sergio Jiandani)

You can can take the red line from Khreschatyk Station and Livobereshna Station is only 4 stops away and a 10-12 minutes ride from Kyiv’s downtown. Then from there it is a 10 minute walk to the International Exhibition Centre. Hence it is very easy to travel from the city centre to the Eurovision Arena by subway.

Kyiv Metro Map with Funicular

Kyiv Tram

Kyiv tram, a nice way to travel around the city

Another way to discover the city and commute around Kyiv is the Kyiv Tram which has been operating since 1892 during the Russian Imperial era. Trams run from 06:00 AM-23:00 PM. A ride on the tram will cost you 3 UAH (0.11 Euros).

You can purchase your tickets directly on the tram from the conductor or at kiosks. The tram timetable and schedules can be found on the boards at the tram stations/stops.

Kyiv Tram Map

Kyiv Funicular

Don’t miss a ride on Kyiv’s funicular! A mus when visiting the city!

This is one thing you should experience when in Kyiv, a ride on the funicular. The funicular connects the lower part of the city where Poshtova Square, Podil and Kyiv Ferry Station are found with the upper part of the city where St. Michael’s Golden Domed Cathedral is located.

The ride will mesmerise you with breathtaking views of the Dnipro river and the city’s picturesque landscape. The journey will cost you 3 UAH (0.11 Euros). The funicular operates on the following timings:

  • Monday-Friday 07:00 AM-22:00 PM,
  • Saturday-Sunday/public holidays 08:00 AM-23:00 PM.

You can purchase your tickets at cash desk in the Funicular Station. The journey is 5 minutes long.

Trolley Bus

Kyiv Trolley Bus

You can experience travelling around the city in the popular trolley bus, which operates throughout the city and runs from 06:00 AM-22:00 PM. A ride will cost you 3 UAH (0.11 Euros). Tickets can be purchased from the driver or at kiosks. Remember that you must punch your ticket upon entering the trolley-bus and retain it until the end of your journey.

You can find the schedule and timetable of the trolley buses at the information boards at the bus stops.


Let’s take a bus ride on the Yellow Kyiv Bus!

The bus is yet another means of transport in Kyiv, quite an interesting experience I would say. Take into account that Kyiv is a big city and there’s lots of traffic, specially during rush hours. Buses operate throughout the city.

There is a bus stop right next to Livoberezhna Station near the International Exhibition Centre (Eurovision venue).

Buses run from 07:00 AM- 20:00 PM, whilst a bus ride will cost you 3 UAH (0.11 Euros). Tickets can be bought from the driver or at kiosks. Please check the bus timetable and schedule on the information boards at the bus stations. Remember to punch your ticket upon entering the bus.

Kyiv Light Rail

Kyiv Light Rail train

You can also use the Kyiv Light Rail in order to move around the city. The train operates from 06:00 AM-21:00 PM and a ride will cost you 4 UAH (0.14 cents). Tickets are available at the cashier at the train station.

 Mini Bus (Fixed Rate Taxi)-Marshrutka

Yello mini buses in Kyiv

Using the popular  yellow mini-buses aka (Fixed Rate Taxis) Marshrutka are also a good means of transport in the city. Take into account that there are no tickets and you pay the fare directly to the conductor upon entering the mini-bus. The mini buses run from 06:00 AM- 23:00 PM and the journey will cost you 5 UAH.

Public Transport

You can use EASY WAY in order to check the route connections in Kyiv, whilst using public transport (buses, subway, trolleybus, trains). You can download the APP on Apple Store or Google Play.

Kyiv Taxi

Taxis in Kyiv

Of course if you wanna avoid taking the public transport you can take a taxi. I recommend to use an official taxi with a fixed rate. It is also a good idea to pre-book or order your taxi from your hotel.

Take into account that there are many taxis which run on a meter and you can end up paying lots of pennies for your ride. Remember to always use an official registered taxi and fix the price!


I guess Uber is one of the best options to travel around Kyiv; it is both cheap and fast. During my research trip to Kyiv we mostly used Uber. Don’t forget to download the Uber app if you haven’t got it on your smart phone yet. It is available both on Google Play and Apple Store.

Taxify and UKLON

You can also use Taxify and UKLON apps in order to call for taxis/rides. If you don’t have them you can download them the app on your smart phone via Google Play or Apple Store.

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