Spain: Barei returns to the spotlight with anti-bullying song

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Spanish artist Barei, who represented her country at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden, recently released her latest single: I don’t need to be you. The empowering song is dedicated to the anti-bullying campaign #stopbullying.

Barei (born Bárbara Reyzábal González-Aller, Madrid, 1982) returns to the spotlight with a new sound and look, evolving as an artist. Her latest single I don’t need to be you is reminiscent of popular singers such as Sia, but is also uniquely “Barei”, who uplifted the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 audience with her performance of Say yay!

Dedicated to the cause of the anti-bullying campaign #stopbullying, the video for I don’t need to be you features a red-headed Barei in company of a children’s dance group, and finally showing a boy who is confronted with the mockery of his fellow class-mates. In the end, the boy claims the phrase “I don’t need to be you” as an empowering slogan.

Barei says:

I don’t need to be you’ is a necessary reference to the fact that many adolescents are confronted with bullying and intimidation, being the target for others. I am presenting a message of acceptance, together with the children of dance group Kidz on the Block.

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Enjoy the video of I don’t need to be you, and also watch Barei’s performance of Say yay! at the Grand Final of Eurovision 2016 once more: