Ukraine: Eurovision starts in Kyiv! The countdown begins…

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Eurovision starts in Kyiv! Boys and girls get ready as the countdown to the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest has kicked off! The clock is ticking and the days are flying! The majestic Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv is dressing up for the grand occasion and is all set to welcome you next May. Let’s  get together and Celebrate Diversity!

kYIV 2

The eyes of the whole world will be set on Kyiv next May when the Eurovision bandwagon lands in the Ukrainian capital with all its glitz, glam and glitter!

How is the host city getting ready?..Eurovision starts in Kyiv!

The City of Kyiv is working round the clock in order to welcome Eurovision fans, delegations and journalists. Lots of cultural and social events and activities have been in planned in order to showcase both the city and its distinguished charecteristics. There is much to do and see in Kyiv. So if you are coming to Kyiv for Eurovision you will be pleasantly surprised with what the city has to offer!

Kyiv is well known and celebrated for its historical sites, architectural monuments and unique scenic natural landscapes. Kyiv is a melting pot where the old meets the new, where the ancient blends in with the modern and where fashion merges with culture!

Lots of parties and activities will be taking place throughout the city and mainly in the Eurovision Village during the 2 Eurovision weeks. Make sure you hit the city with lots of energy as the events schedule will be tight!

You will be able to feel, touch and hear Eurovision throughout the city when Eurovision comes to town, as Kyiv will embrace the contest in every way: Eurovison theme art, logo, slogan, decorations, city dressing and branding etc.

Kyiv will welcome Eurovision fans during Eurovision!

What is yet to come…

What should we expect in the coming weeks? There are many things and announcements to look forward to in the coming days…..

Ticket sales are expected to kick off in due course. NTU will be revealing the official venues for the 2017 Euroclub, Eurovision Village, Opening Ceremony and Red Carpet in the nearest future. We are also awaiting for one of the most anticipated announcements regarding this year’s contest, yes we are talking about the hosts! Will it be Verka Serduchka? Timur Miroshnichenko? Zlata Ognenich? Nika Konstantinova? or Tatiana Terkhova?… let’s wait and see…

Timur Miroshnichenko and Nika Konstantinov hosted the 2017 Eurovision Semi-final Allocation Draw last month, and they did an amazing job!

hosts ntu
Nika and Timur hosting the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest Semifinal Allocation Draw

By mid March we will know all the 43 competing 2017 Eurovision acts and entries. The 2017 ESC Head of Delegation meeting is scheduled to be held in Kyiv by mid- March. More information regarding the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest is expected to be released then.

The construction of the 2017 Eurovision stage in is expected to kick off by the end of March, when the first works will begin in the ESC 2017 venue.. International Exhibition Centre.

What we know so far….

esc 2017 stage
The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest stage design (photo credit: NTU/EBU)

We already know how the 2017 Eurovision stage will look and that the slogan of the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest is Celebrate Diversity!. We have also seen the magnificent theme art and logo for the Eurovision edition in Kyiv inspired by the traditional Ukrainian necklace, the Namysto!

Kyiv will be dressing up and decorated in true Eurovision style with the Eurovision 2017 theme art, branding and decor!

The 2017 Eurovision Accreditation system for delegates, press, media and fans is now open for those wishing to come to Kyiv!

ESC 2017 Celebrate Diversity Theme Kyiv Ukraine
The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest logo and theme art – Celebrate Diversity!

The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be held on 9, 11 and 13 May at the IEC in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Are you coming to Kyiv for Eurovision? If you haven’t decided yet, hurry up and grab a flight and book your hotel as the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv promises to be exiciting. memorable and unforgettable!

Eurovision starts in Kyiv!