Tonight: Semifinal of Rising Star for Eurovision 2017 in Israel

by Gil Laufer 420 views

The Semifinal of Rising Star for Eurovision 2017 in Israel will be aired tonight. Only four acts out of six will make it to the grand final which will be held on 13 February, where the Israeli representative for Eurovision 2017 will be chosen.

The contest is an artist selection and so the Israeli entry is expected to be known only after the winner will be announced. All shows are pre-recorded except for the final, which will be live.

During the previous seven shows, auditions were held and twenty acts found themselves one stage closer to the Eurovision Song Contest. However, a second phase of closed auditions has reduced the number of participants to eight. Two were eliminated in the quarterfinal stage, putting the current number of participants on four.


The broadcast schedule indicates that only one show of Rising Star 2017 will be aired this week. Hence, the Semifinal will be considered as Show 8 only, while the final will be Show 9 instead of Show 10.

The program will begin at 21:00 local time (20:00 CET) and will end after 1 hour and 50 minutes. The show is hosted by Asi Azar and Rotem Sela. The decision on which acts will advance to semifinal is all in the hands of the audience during the recording, and the expert jury which is made of four artists: Harel Skaat, Keren Peles, Asaf Amdurski and Static & Ben-El Tavori.

At the first phase, the artists will be divided into duels. The winner of each duel will go directly to the final, while the losing three artists will go through a triple duel for the fourth and last spot in the final.


  1. Beatbox Element
  2. Diana Golbi
  3. Imri Ziv
  4. Julietta
  5. Sapir Nahon
  6. Ta-La-Te


A webstream of Channel 2 is available worldwide by Isramedia. Click on מקור 1 or מקור 2 (Source 1/Source 2) in order to watch.


  • 02/01: Show 1 – Auditions
  • 03/01: Show 2 – Auditions
  • 09/01: Show 3 – Auditions
  • 16/01: Show 4 – Auditions
  • 24/01: Show 5 – Auditions
  • 30/01: Show 6 – Quarterfinal Part I (8 acts)
  • 31/01: Show 7 – Quarterfinal Part II
  • 06/02: Show 8 – Semifinal (6 acts)
  • 13/02: Show 9 – Final (4 acts)

The winner of Rising Star for Eurovision 2017, will represent Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, as happens since 2015.

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