Australia: Dami Im nominated for APRA Award

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Dami Im is nominated for an Australian music award, alongside Guy Sebastian. In the meantime, she performed live in front of the Sydney Opera House for the Australia Day.

The APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association) Awards recognise singers, songwriters, sales and airplay of music in Australia.

Dami Im’s Sound of silence is shortlisted for the award in 2017, along with Guy Sebastian’s single Set in stone. Twenty contenders were chosen by an Australian voting academy comprised of past winners back in December 2016. The voting academy will also choose the winner, which will be announced during the ceremony on the 3rd April 2017.

Australia Day

The 2016 Australian representative was one of the major artists to step on the outdoor stage in front of the Sydney Opera House for the celebration of the Australia Day 2017.

Yesterday I felt very Australian singing outside the iconic Sydney Opera House with other amazing Australian Artists that I admire. My parents did not expect this when they brought me and my brother here in 1998… Thank you Australia!

Опубликовано Dami Im 26 января 2017 г.

Dami Im represented Australia at the Eurovision song contest 2016 with her song Sound of silence.