Norway: Melodi Grand Prix 2017 hosts revealed

by Eleanor Cooper 657 views

The hosts of this year’s Norwegian national final, Melodi Grand Prix 2017, have been announced!

Line Elvsåshagen and Kåre Magnus Bergh will present the competition this year, with the final of MGP taking place on the 11 March 2017. Kåre is presenting MGP for the third year running, while his co-host, Line, is joining him for the first time.

It’s absolutely amazing, there’s no limit to how much glitter I will have on me!, she said.

Line is famed around Norway for travelling the world and dating Norwegians on the reality show Line dater Norge, and now she joins Kåre on Norway’s biggest music competition.

God help me, it’s amazing. I love the MGP with all my heart. I like to say that it is one of the best nights of the year. It definitely has the same status as Christmas Eve in my eyes, says Line, adding that her favourite Eurovision song is the Moldovan entry from 2009, Nelly Ciobanu’s Hora din Moldova.

Kåre Magnus is very pleased with his new colleague, saying:

She’s a weird, funny, talented and fearless energy bomb with pink hair who loves MGP. I am very excited to work with her, a cool lady with an infectious laugh.

Line is equally pleased to have Kåre Magnus at her side.

What would I do without Kåre Magnus? He is my safe haven in unsafe waters. I’m sure there will be lots of laughs and a great atmosphere.

Line also believes that MGP and Eurovision are important events which bring people together and transcend borders.

I like the idea that, in spite of conflict and unrest, we still celebrate music and support each other. Also, there is so much fun and craziness! And craziness is good. There are enough boring things in the world, we must celebrate fun and madness.

Kåre Magnus believes that humour is also important when it comes to presenting his nation’s national final.

Of course we must have songs which speak to people, and music that should be taken seriously, but the important thing is positivity and madness. The humour and irony is what separates MGP from other music competitions, and it’s important to hold on to that.

What is next for Norway?

Now that we know the hosts, the next box to tick on the Norwegian Eurovision schedule is revealing the acts. The ten finalists, their songs and composers will be revealed on the 7 February 2017.

I’ve had goosebumps and I’ve had to get up and dance several times when I heard the songs this year. I am just so proud of what Norway has to offer in 2017, says Line.

Her co-host agrees.

Yes, there is certainly something for your grandmother and something for your teenager. I’m sure one of them will do well on the European stage, and why not go for the win?

A record-breaking 1,035 songs were submitted to NRK this year. Songwriters of any nationality were able to submit songs, and the performers were chosen by NRK in consultation with the songwriters. NRK have also said they have chosen ten songs from different genres.

Agnete represented Norway in the 2016 Eurovision song contest, but failed to make the final with her song Icebreaker.

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