Germany: 33 artists continue their Unser Song 2017 bid

by Jessica Weaver 2,727 views

From thousands of acts to just 33; that is the total number of artists that have made the shortlist and will continue their bid to compete in the German national final for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, Unser Song 2017.

Having received almost a total of 2,500 entries last month, it was down to an expert committee to deliberate and shortlist an initial total of 30 acts to compete in the final round of castings, eventually going to shortlist an additional 3 acts.

33 shortlisted artists

A short profile video of each bidding candidate can be found via

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  • Alessandro Capasso
  • Alex Scuderi
  • Anja Licht
  • Axel Feige
  • Beccy
  • Elvira Michieva
  • Felicia Lu Kürbiß
  • Florian Brückl
  • Helene Nissen
  • Jo Marie Dominiak
  • Kai Schernbeck
  • Leonie Krakowski
  • Levina
  • Lisa Toh
  • Luisa Skrabic
  • Makeda Michalke

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  • Marvin Schloßhauer
  • Mary-Anne Bröllochs
  • Max-Antoine Meisters
  • Meg Pfeiffer
  • Nathan Trent
  • Nila
  • Patrice Gerlach
  • Paul Köninger
  • Philipp Ostendorf
  • Sadi
  • Susanna Okonowski
  • Sihna Maagé
  • Sina Rösener
  • Sven Lüchtenborg
  • Taylor Luc Jacobs
  • Yosefin Buohler


Casting stage; the final round

During the final round of castings for Unser Song 2017, the special expert committee will return to shortlist a final number of 5 artists who will go on to compete in the German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest on the 9 February 2017.

A further announcement confirming the final 5 artists is expected in due course.

Unser Song 2017

Following 2 sets of last-place results at the previous Eurovision Song Contests, German national broadcaster ARD has decided to go back to basics in order to select their representative for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

With 4 acts competing in the national final, a 3-member jury panel will be present in the final in February who will comment on the performances by each of the finalists, consisting of members Tim Bendzko, Florian Silbereisen and Lena. Whilst the jury panel will comment on the performances, the representative will be decided 100% via a public vote.