Eurovision 2017: Organizing Committee meeting held; Kyiv’s promotional campaign set

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The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest Organizing Committee had a meeting in Kyiv yesterday. The meeting was chaired by the Mayor of Kyiv Mr. Vitali Klitschko who discussed the preparations for the forthcoming 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with the members of the committee.

The 2017 ESC Organizing Committee consists of City of Kyiv State Admistration officials, NTU (Ukrainian national broadcaster) officials and Ukrainian authorities. Ms.Victoria Romanova ( NTU) and Mr. Anton Taranenko ( Head of Tourism at Kyiv City State Administration), Mr, Alexei Resnikov (Deputy Mayor of Kyiv) were among the attendees in the meeting.

Various topics and issues regarding the upcoming contest were tackled during the meeting. The action plan for the preparation of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest was the hot topic on the table.

The Host City Insiginia Handover Ceremony is scheduled to be held in Kyiv on 31 January 2017 when Stockholm (ESC 2016 host city) will officially hand over the baton to Kyiv (2017 ESC host city).

Yes on 31 January 2017, Kyiv will receive the symbolic key to the Eurovision Song Contest. The Mayor of Stockholm Ms. Karin Wanngård will hand over the keys to the Mayor of Kyiv Mr. Vitali Klitschko

Mr. Klitschko adds:

The more activities Eurovision related activities and events hold, the more attention we will draw on Kyiv and Ukraine as a whole. Every activity and every event will be the image of our city and country in the world.

The Mayor of Kyiv said that Kyiv will not only hold the Eurovision Song Contest at the highest level, but will also make the city more attractive and comfortable for both residents and visitors.

Mr. Klitschko says:

Let me remind you  that we have decided to allocate 200 million UAH from the city budget to host the Eurovision Song Contest. 50 million UAH this year and 150 million UAH forecast in the budget for next year.

Mr.Klitschko added that for the preparation of the Eurovision Song Contest, Kyiv has invested heavily in the development of the city’s infrastructure .

After holding the song contest in the capital we will have mor repaired roads, new infrastructure projects, newly reformed and built  recreation areas and public spaces.

The promotion of Kyiv as the 2017 Eurovision host city was another hot topic discussed during the meeting. A special promotional program regarding Kyiv as a host city will be implemented. The Mayor of Kyiv has instructed the development concept for the capital’s information via special info stands during the Eurovision period. These stands will be installed in hotels throughout Kyiv, enabling guests and visitors to access  information about Kyiv and its tourist attractions.

The Mayor of Kyiv has instructed to negotiate with carriers for placing promotional materials about Kyiv on aircraft arriving at Kyiv’s airport.  Kyiv’s promotional concept will be featured on the City of Kyiv’s official website and will also be available to download via mobile phones (visitors will be able to download a special Kyiv tourist guide). The application will be available in five European languages.

Vitali Klitschko also instructed the Head of Tourism at KCSA to hold a competition for the best short video presenting Kyiv.

The Mayor of Kyiv says:

I often send short videos of Kyiv which have been recorded from a cell phone, and many of them interesting and dynamic. I am sure most of them can be placed on the travel portal of the city. It will be a great promotion for Kyiv as the 2017 Eurovision host city.

Below you can watch a video from the 2017 Eurovision Organizing Committee’s meeting:

Earlier this week Mr. Klitschko, NTU and City of Kyiv State Administration held meetings and visited the 2017 Eurovision venue. A special press conference was held last Monday in order to inform to update the media and public about the latest developments regarding the 2017 Eurovision preparations.

The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be held on 9, 11 and 13 May at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv, Ukraine

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