France: Amir reflects on Eurovision and beyond

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Singer Amir Haddad represented France at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden, and ultimately reached an honourable 6th place in the Grand Final with his song, J’ai cherché, earning 257 points. In an interview with Puremedias, the artist talks about his Eurovision adventure, and looks forward to new ventures.

Amir reflects on his Eurovision participation in the interview:

I never look back on my Eurovision performance. When you talk to me and ask me what I felt, I have flashbacks, sure. But I live more in the moment. I have trouble rethinking the past because I am so fully focused on the point afterwards, I’m already busy with something else!

The promo-work Amir did in advance to Eurovision was very extensive, and his post-Eurovision agenda is equally versatile:

[…] My single going platinum, that happens once in a thousand times in pop-music. With urban music it occurs more often, but in pop-music not so much. A platinum album, it’s wonderful! And J’ai cherché was the most played French title on the radio in 2016!

Initially, in France, Eurovision was synonymous with defeat, career breaking… If it means that the trend has changed, I would be a thousand times happier than if it proved to be an isolated case. Given that almost the same team is working on Eurovision 2017, I am optimistic.

I absolutely hope that the person that will succeed me does better! I would like to see a French winner! We must dethrone Marie Myriam! (laughs). In addition, in 2017, it will be exactly 40 years since France won.

Amir ventured outside of France to share his music:

Outside of French speaking countries such as Belgium and Switzerland, J’ai cherché was number one for several weeks in Canada, where they do not watch Eurovision. And today, On dirait is in the top 20. They did not know me, so we went to do promo-work in Canada. In Europe, it soon became clear that the craze was temporary following Eurovision.

The French artist also talks about his choice for J’ai cherché as Eurovision-entry, and his new single:

On dirait was supposed to be released in June 2015, and finally I wanted to release a song titled Oasis. Afterwards, On dirait was rescheduled for a December 2015 release, but we changed our strategy and decided to enter Eurovision with another title. So it was pushed back twice, but the third time, we said: ‘this is the time’.

Finally, Amir looks towards the future:

The idea is to promote the first album. Moreover, the album will be released 11 November with one new and three re-recorded live acoustic songs, and including a live DVD.

You can check out the full interview here.

Enjoy Amir performing J’ai cherché during the Grand Final of Eurovision 2016 once again: