Lithuania: Eurovizijos 2017 song submission open; Final planned to 25 February

by Gil Laufer 1,156 views

It is now possible to submit entries to the Lithuanian national selection for Eurovision 2017. The selection will be made of eight shows and a support concert, slightly shorter than their 2016 selection which was made of a total of ten shows and a support concert.

The complete rules of the national selection will be published immediately after the elections in Lithuania will come to an end on 23 October, but the mechanism of the selection will probably be almost the same as last year, with the acts in the competition to be divided in two – artists who already submitted themselves with a song, and artists who will get a song matched by the Lithuanian broadcaster LRT. The broadcaster intend to continue having an international jury involved in each show.

Eager authors who would like to already submit their work may do so by sending an email to [email protected] – the deadline is 1 December.

The Lithuanian national selection is planned to kick off in the very beginning of January and will come to an end after eight shows, so it is highly likely that the selection dates will be as following (not officially confirmed!):

  • 7 January – Show 1
  • 14 January – Show 2
  • 21 January – Show 3
  • 28 January – Show 4
  • 4 February – Show 5
  • 11 February – Show 6
  • 18 February – Show 7
  • 25 February – Final
  • 11 March – Support concert

This year, Donny Montell won Eurovizijos 2016 and represented Lithuania with the song I’ve been waiting for this night, giving the country the 9th final place, which is their second best placing ever (after finishing 6th in 2006)

Stay tuned to ESCToday for more news regarding Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017!