Croatia: Nina Kraljić’s debut album out now

by Jessica Weaver 956 views

Over four months since the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest final took place and Croatia’s Nina Kraljić is back with the release of her debut album, Samo.

Since Nina Kraljić’s participation in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest earlier this year, the 24-year-old Croatian singer has been busy working on her debut album entitled Samo (Only).

Announcing the release of her album only last week, Kraljić spoke to Novosti about her first ever album and the reasoning behind the album title:

In the name of the album we used the word ‘only’ because it is both simple and humble, but also leaves a lot of possibilities on what it is referring to – what is ‘only’? It may just be art, it may just be me, it may just be what we want to achieve in music, it can be so much more…

Samo tracklist

  1. Zaljuljali smo svijet
  2. Snijeg
  3. Negdje
  4. Samo
  5. Lighthouse
  6. Što te nema (feat. Matija Dedić)
  7. Lay you down
  8. Tica lastavica
  9. Vir
  10. Dej mi Bože
  11. Lullaby
  12. Ata ey foshehu sham

Comprising a total of 12 tracks and sticking to Kraljić’s traditional ethnic style, Samo features a number of original songs including her debut single Zaljuljali smo svijet, as well as her competing Eurovision 2016 entry Lighthouse which brought Croatia one of their best results in the contest in recent years.

Kraljić’s debut album also includes her own interpretation of the song Što te nema, originally performed by the late Bosnian singer Jadranke Stojaković. Kraljić’s version of the popular single was first performed by the singer during her participation in The Voice of Croatia, garnering over 1 million YouTube views to date.

As of today, Samo is available for purchase and download via, as well as a number of platforms including iTunes and Spotify.