Israel: Revive the excitement with old ‘Kdam Eurovision’s on IBA’s archive

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As IBA is about to be replaced by the new broadcaster IPBC in October, Israel’s national broadcaster for the last 50 years is giving a gift for the Israeli Eurovision fans and rebroadcasts old editions of the Kdam Eurovision which was Israel’s national selection from 1981 to 2013.

A big part of the old selections have been already rebroadcasted frequently during IBA’s nostalgic broadcasts, but some have been digitized and prepared for broadcast only for this farewell gift. The full broadcasts are also available on YouTube, and for now it is possible to revive the excitement of Kdams 1991, 1993 and 1995. We suggest to subscribe to IBA’s YouTube channel as other rebroadcasts of Kdams will be probably uploaded.

Kdam Eurovision 1991 [WATCH: Part 1 | Part 2]

One of the only two Israeli selections held with a live orchestra (the other being 1987) in Binyaney Ha’uma in Jerusalem, which also hosted the two Eurovision Song Contests held in Israel so far (1979, 1999). Won by Orna & Moshe Datz who went on to finish 3rd in Rome with Kan.

  1. AdamYachad na’amod
  2. Elinor Aharon & Tzeirey Tel-AvivTze’ira
  3. Ilana AvitalAhavati ha’achrona
  4. Shir Kol shana
  5. Shimi TavoriMitga’agea la’romantica
  6. AMMA (Yoel Lerner & Moti Dichne) – Primadonna
  7. Tal Amir Mikol hashtikot
  8. Shlomi ShabatMikan
  9. Ofira YossefiOlam
  10. Uri FeinmanHava nagila, Gila
  11. PuncherBella
  12. Orna & Moshe DatzKan

Kdam Eurovision 1993 [WATCH]

Won by Saraleh Sharon & Group Shiru who went on to finish 24th in Millstreet. David D’or finished 4th and went later to represent Israel in Eurovision 2004.

  1. Saraleh Sharon & Group ShiruShiru
  2. Dorit ReuveniBayit biktze ha’keshet
  3. LinetteAniana
  4. Tzvika PickArtik kartiv
  5. Doron MazarRe’ach vatzeva
  6. Shimi TavoriChai et ma sheyesh
  7. Etti Kari Yashar letoch einay
  8. AdamAd
  9. Effi Ben-Israel & Natan Natanzon Markoni
  10. David D’or Parpar
  11. Moshik DarMoral
  12. Reuven LaviHa’olam kol kach madlik

Kdam Eurovision 1995 [WATCH: Part 1 | Part 2]

Won by Liora who went on to finish 8th in Dublin. The runner up was Dana International who won the Eurovision Song Contest three years later with Diva.

  1. Eli LuzonMalachi hakatan
  2. Tali KorenKmo brigitte
  3. Limor Azaria-TwitoKesef
  4. Lea Lupatin & Ofer LeviHa’aretz hamuvtachat
  5. Si HeimanBetelevizia halayla
  6. Dana InternationalLayla tov Eiropa
  7. Haya SamirEl hage’ula
  8. Ya’akov NaveNashkini na
  9. Yulia Tfila
  10. Bnot Ya’akovAhavat David
  11. LioraAmen
  12. Shalva BertiHalevay, alecha vealay
  13. Avi EylotRachok meha’bayit

Earlier this year, Hovi Star finished 14th in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with his song Made of stars. For Eurovision 2017, Israel might use Rising Star for the third year in order to find its representeative, but the new broadcaster IPBC is also looking for some alternatives.

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