Bosnia & Herzegovina: BHRT reaches agreement with EBU

by Jessica Weaver 323 views

Following talks between the Bosnian national broadcaster, BHRT, and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), a short term agreement has been reached with production within the broadcaster continuing beyond the 30 June.

Over the past number of weeks, uncertainty has risen within Bosnia & Herzegovina’s national broadcaster BHRT regarding the future broadcast and production within the organisation following long-running debts both internally and externally.

Due to the ongoing financial problems within the broadcaster, production was to temporarily be suspended from the 30 June until an alternative arrangement could be reach and a repayment plan could be established. However following a payment deadline extension, BHRT will continue to broadcast until the 10 July at least, allowing the broadcaster access to the UEFA EURO 2016 coverage.

The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina remains critical but we are hopeful that BHRT will be able to agree a plan with the Government to help repay their debts and safeguard sustainable funding to allow audiences to continue to enjoy sport on the channel throughout the summer. – EBU.

Following the end of the UEFA EURO 2016 football season, a financial plan is hoped to be agreed with the authorities with the hope of continued broadcast in the months to follow. Further talks and agreements are expected to be made over the coming weeks.