Israel: Yoav Ginai concludes decades of Eurovision songwriting with compilation CD

by Gil Laufer 783 views

Back in 1987, Yoav Ginai’s first song was released. He wrote the hebrew version of No more light by Cris Life, known in Israel as Adam. Since then, he managed to write dozens of songs and contribute to the Israeli Eurovision scene. In order to celebrate the anniversary, a double CD under the title Kmo sheleg basharav (Like snow in a heatwave) was released.

Yoav has written Diva, which won the Eurovision Song Contest for Israel in 1998, and Light a candle which represented the country in 2002. Furthermore, he was the Israeli spokesperson in 1999-2001 and recently was the Head of Delegation in Stockholm 2016.

“Participating in the Eurovision Song Contest is an exciting celebration for me in each of the roles i fulfilled. There is no doubt that the most exciting moment was when my song Diva won. Apart from winning, the choice of the people to vote for her and her character, has started a revolution as it was featured in many LGBT events in Europe and Israel and helped to change the attitude in these countries. Thinking that my contribution to this song has helped to make such a big change, makes me proud.” he says. “Since Diva, the competition went through a lot of changes, and despite the criticism, this is the biggest entertainment TV show in the world, which gathers new followers and fans every year, and continues to re-invent itself every time, which is a part of its magic.”

The double album that can be purchased as a physical copy in Israel or online, includes 32 songs by various artists, as Adam, Yardena Arazi (1976, 1988), Harel Skaat (2010), Duo Datz (1991), Yizhar Cohen (1978, 1985), Shiri Maimon (2005), Ilanit (1973, 1977) as well as the Eurovision entries of 1998 and 2002.

“My tip for anywone who would like to write a song for the Eurovision Song Contest is: be authentic, write in the level of people’s eyes and on the most basic and humane subjects as your feelings. That’s how you can reach the hearts of millions.”

Dana International reaching the second place in Kdam Eurovision 1995 with Layla tov Eiropa (Good night, Europe) by Yoav Ginai which bacme an anthem of the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel

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