Bulgaria: Poli Genova rehearsing for Eurovsion with Loreen’s choreographer

by Gil Laufer 1,157 views

Bulgaria has its hopes high on Poli Genova and her song If love was a crime. In order to make sure that the performance will be at its best, the Bulgarian team has recruited the Swedish choreographer Ambra Succi to work with Poli on her stage presentation

Ambra Succi, is the founder of one of Europe’s leading dance schools, Diambra, and is responsible for dozens of productions, including some of the memorable Melodifestivalen and Eurovision entries as In the club (Danny Saucedo, 2011), My heart is refusing me (Loreen, 2011), Euphoria (Loreen, 2012), You (Robin Stjernberg, 2013) as well as Loreen’s medley that was performed in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

Ambra is working together with the Bulgarian choreographer Milen Dankov. Watch a glimpse of Poli’s rehearsals with Ambra & Milen in the studio, as well as some farewell views of Poli leaving Bulgaria for Stockholm, at the following BNT report:

Poli Genova will represent Bulgaria at the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, having her first rehearsal tomorrow. It is likely that Bulgaria will advance to the grand final this year for the second time since its debut in 2005, with its first and only qualification so far being in 2007.

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