Spain: Barei speaks about her outfit plans for Stockholm

by Eleanor Cooper 1,704 views

Barei has given an interview to Spanish broadcaster, TVE, explaining about her costume for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

Barei has been adamant that she wants to be herself, yet ensure the audience can identify with her style. She had a unique aesthetic in the Spanish national final, both in terms of her song, Say yay, and her look.

From the very beginning, when first asked about fashion, she made it clear that she wanted to be comfortable to dance. Barei has also said that she wants to wear her signature sneakers, an element which fans have come to closely associate with the singer.

The first designer she hired produced a long dress. She wore it for one rehearsal and quickly learnt that it simply would not work. I could not express myself fully, I could not be me – I felt trapped!, says Barei. After this, she decided to ask TVE themselves for help, and employed stylist and fashion designer Raúl Amor to help her with her look for Eurovision. They will work together on the design, and Raúl will travel to Stockholm with the Spanish delegation on the 5 May.

Barei and Raúl Amor have produced several prototype designs; some light-hearted and fun, others more sophisticated, and they are yet to decide on the final choice for her performance on May 14. Barei, usually seen wearing simple jeans and oversized shirts, describes her style as dashing, urban and modern. A blend of luxury and sporty, she says.

Raúl supports her decision to be herself, and brings forward his vision of fashion in the contest. Everyone will be checking out each other’s’ dressing rooms – this is always the case. However, when we think of Eurovision, we tend to recall the styles of ABBA, Massiel or Salomé here in Spain. And Loreen, adds Barei.

Barei explains that Spanish people tend to identify more with modern pop singers, like Loreen, and Raúl has established that his look for Barei will be very unlike previous female Spanish soloists.

Edurne, Ruth Lorenzo and Pastora Soler wore beautiful gowns. Those dresses are great for a ballad, but not for such an up-tempo song, like Say yay. Many countries have chosen an up-tempo rhythm for their song this year, he says.

Barei also said how Eurovision costumes were historically a bit tacky and gaudy; however in recent years the trend is to be more modern and natural looking. The look of Måns Zelmerlöw; last year’s winner, Ilse DeLange; half of the duo who finished second for the Netherlands in 2014 and Loreen, Sweden’s last winner in 2012 are all examples of this which Barei admires.

Barei will compete for Spain with her song Say yay in the Grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 on May 14.