Eurovision 2016: The Stage is ready! Stand-in reharsals kick off

by Gil Laufer 5,353 views

After a few weeks of hard work, the Eurovision 2016 stage is finally ready at the Globen Arena in Stockholm. The stand-in rehearsals are taking place right now, and the main rehearsals will kick off on 2 May.

In a video message by Christer Björkman, we can see the stage in action. “Everything is connected and working. On the other side the stand-in reharsals take place where school students perform all songs of this year’s contest and the approximate camera work is being planned. It’s full of action and a lot of good energy in the air inside here”, says Christer.

See the stage in action by yourself:

The stand-in rehearsals are not new and been taking place every year since at least 2011. In 2013, one of the school students to rehearse was Ellen Benediktson who stood in for the French entry. Being discovered during the rehearsals, she later went on to participate in Melodifestivalen 2014 and 2015.

Stay tuned to for more news regarding the Eurovision Song Contest 2016!