Croatia: HRT committee concludes that ‘Lighthouse’ is clean of plagiarism

by Gil Laufer 269 views

Lately, it was reported that Croatia’s Eurovision entry Lighthouse is copied from the song Uncover by the Swedish singer Zara Larsson. A committee of music experts analysed both songs in a meeting held in the offices of the Croartian broadcaster HRT and concluded that the song is clean off plagiarism.

The expert committee, which consisted of the Croatian musicians Emilio Kutleša, Ante Pecotić and Maro Market as well as Sanja Ivančin, has listened to Uncover by Zara Larrsson and to Croatia’s representative at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest Lighthouse by Nina Kraljić and concluded that:

“The song Lighthouse is not plagiarism. In fact, there is a phrase of two bars identical to those in the song Uncover, which is often the case in music. However, the plagiarism definition suggests a melodic line of four bars that are fully consistent with the original, which is not the case. The song Lighthouse reminds of similar songs in the same musical genre, but the committee considers that the authors had no intention of plagiarism. ”

HRT took advantage of this incident in order to wish the best of luck to Nina Kraljić as they are sure that she will represent Croatia at the best possible way in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.