Listen now: Nina Kraljić’s song presentation in Croatia

by Gil Laufer 203 views

It’s time for the Croatian song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 to be revealed. The song will be played during a special program on HRT Radio 2 at 12:00 CET.

How to listen


The program will begin at 12:00 CET and will feature Nina as well as Croatia’s Head of Delegation and representatives from Universal Music Croatia, Nina’s record company.


The song remains a surprise. It will certainly be in my style, combined with a modern twist, said Nina when she was announced as the representative of Croatia for Eurovision 2016 a couple of weeks ago.

Nina is currently one of the most popular artists in Croatia, winning The Voice with more than a million votes, nominated to the Porin Award (in Best Female Vocal Performance and New Artist of The Year categories) and now representing Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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