Germany: Are these the potential national final participants?

by Gil Laufer 612 views

After the announcement that Xavier Naidoo will not represent Germany in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, no further information about the country’s plans for the contest have been revealed.

However, pictures of twelve artists have been found on the servers of NDR’s official website, what could probably define a leaking list of the participants in the German national final (Unser Song für Stockholm).

Possible leak?

The twelve potential participants, according to the finding, are following below. The presented songs are previous releases of the artists and does not reflect any connection to the national selection

AnnenMayKantereit – four-member rock band from Cologne

Benne – singer-songwriter from Berlin in his mid-twenties

BOY – duo made of Valeska Steiner & Sonja Glass, from Hamburg

CÄTHE  – 35 years old singer-songwriter, released four albums so far.

Joris – 26 years old singer-songwriter, managed to reach the third place in the German charts

Malky – a duo established in 2011, made of Michael Vajna and Daniel Stoyanov

Mia – German rock/pop band from Berlin, formed in 1997.

Miu – the stage name of Nina Graf from Hamburg

Namika – the stage name of the 24 years old Moroccan-German singer and rapper Hanan Hamdi

Olli Schulz – the veteran of the list; 42 years old singer-songwriter and presenter from Hamburg

Sara Hartman – the youngest of the list; 20 years old singer-songwriter from Sag Harbor, New York, but based in Berlin.

Wilhelm Tell Me – Trio established in 2010 and based in Hamburg.

An official statement by the German broadcaster NDR is still to come.

Stay tuned to for more news regarding Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest