Israel: Preparations for Eurovision in full speed; song to be revamped

by Gil Laufer 410 views

The Israeli representative Hovi Star has just won the grand final of Rising Star for Eurovision 2016 and the preparations for the contest are in full speed. 

Taking part in the superfinal against the international favorite Ella Daniel and the favorite of the locals Nofar Salman, Hovi has managed to win by only one percent over Nofar.

“I was sure that Nofar is going to win, especially when her performance reached the keychange of the song, I was sure that in that moment she is going to knock me out. Suddenly it didn’t happen and I won. I was very surprised.”, said Hovi right after winning the final.

As the finalists had less than a week to find and arrange a song for the grand final, the Israeli entry is now set to be revamped and improved for the Eurovision Song Contest, however the current arrangement will probably remain.

During the next week, the full schedule regarding Israel’s plans for the Eurovision Song Contest is supposed to be known, especially as the Head of Delegations meeting will take place in ten days. The team behind Hovi includes Alon Amir, who has an experience of more than fifteen Eurovisions, and Teddy Productions, which produced Rising Star and were also responsible for Nadav Guedj’s success in last year’s contest.

Hovi Star will represent Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with Made of stars, written by Doron Medalie. He will participate in the second semifinal of the contest on 12 May.

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