Switzerland: Stéphanie Palazzo disqualified from national final

by Jessica Weaver 316 views

SRF, the Swiss German national broadcaster, has revealed a change in the line-up for the country’s upcoming national final following the disqualification of Stéphanie Palazzo.

Last weekend, the expert check stage of the Swiss national selection, Die Entscheidungsshow, took place where the 19 shortlisted acts performed live to a special jury for the first time. It was down to the expert jury to decide which 6 acts should qualify to the Swiss national final, set to take place in February.

From the 6 qualifiers, 3 were selected from SRF’s selection phase (Swiss German), 2 were selected from RTS’s selection phase (Swiss French) and 1 was selected from RSI’s selection phase (Swiss Italian).

However following the expert phase of the Swiss selection process, it has since been revealed that one of RTS’s selected acts, Stéphanie Palazzo, has been disqualified. Stéphanie’s entry Perché mi guardi cosi? was originally released back in 2013 under a different title and is therefore ineligible to compete in the national final.

Due to this, it has been decided by the expert jury that the band Kaceo will replace Stéphanie in the Swiss national final with their entry Disque d’or. Kaceo was originally part of RTS’s selection process before being eliminated during the expert check stage of the contest last week.

Die Entscheidungsshow finalists

The final of the Swiss national selection for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 13 February 2016 at the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen. The upcoming Swiss representative will be selected via a 50/50 televote-jury deliberation.

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