Belgium: Rhythm Inside is Belgium’s most watched video

by Jessica Weaver 373 views

Loïc Nottet’s music video for his 2015 Eurovision entry, Rhythm inside, has officially been ranked as the most watched YouTube video in Belgium of 2015.

Placing above the likes of French YouTubers Cyprien and Norman, Loïc Nottet’s Rhythm inside music video, which was filmed and produced by Josh Brandão and Nicolai Kornum, was officially the most watched music video of 2015 within Belgium.

Since its upload back in March, the Rhythm inside music video has accumulated over 11 million views via the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, the majority of views being gained during Eurovision week.

Other videos reaching the top 10 most viewed videos of 2015 in Belgium include Stan Van Samang’s cover version of Een ster, 2 social experiments and 2 videos each from French YouTubers Norman and Cyprien.

Back in October, Loïc unveiled a new video clip for Rhythm inside in the lead-up to the release of his debut album, set to be released next year.

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