Greece: Eurovision stars campaign against HIV stigmas

by Gil Laufer 404 views

Kentro Zois (Centre For Life) is an organisation which supports HIV-positive people in Greece since 1991. For this year’s World AIDS Day, the centre has launched a campaign under the title If I was positive’ (An imoun thetikos/i).

The Greek Eurovision entrant in 1993 Kaiti Garbi and the Greek Eurovision commentators Fotis & Maria and Giorgos Kapoutzidis joined this campaign that is shown in the Greek public transportation. Its target is to make the people reflect and ask themselves whether an HIV-positive person can be a productive member of the society, without discrimination, labels, or fear.

“Can I have friends beside me who will not fear?”

The campaign tries to answer a series of simple questions regarding the doubt and prejudice that each and everyone of us develop towards people living with HIV or AIDS.

Among the celebrities who participate in the campaign we can find also the actor Thanasis Tsaltampasis, the chef Argiro Barbarigou and the national men’s polo team.

“For us, the answer is yes. Stop the stigma. Support people living with HIV/AIDS”