Germany: Ann Sophie reflects on life after Eurovision

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Ann Sophie, who represented Germany during the grand final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, Austria, has released a statement in which she reflects on her career after Eurovision.

Ann Sophie competed in the German selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, Unser Song für Österreich (Our Song For Austria), and initially reached the runner-up position. However, as the winner Andreas Kümmert surprisingly decided to forfeit his ticket to Vienna during the live show, Ann Sophie became the German representative at Eurovision 2015. Unfortunately, her performance of the song Black smoke ended up in the last place, with the dreaded nil poits.

Now, Ann Sophie has released a statement via her Facebook-page, in which she reflects on her career after Eurovision. Although still positive about her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, she criticizes how the German broadcaster NDR and Entertainment Coördinator Thomas Schreiber from broadcaster ARD dealt with her in the wake after her Eurovision-participation and subsequent career. She also shares some thoughts about the internal choice of Xavier Naidoo as German representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Read the statement:

A few words..

I remember last summer when we sat together in Hamburg with the team of the NDR, Universal, Brainpool, in a kick-off round before we would go to Vienna.
The last details were discussed, I was super excited and full of anticipation.
At the time we all understood each other very well, we had much fun, and I asked the others: “Will we understand each other so well after the ESC?”
The answer was: “That depends on how you perform.”
I thought that it was a joke.
But it was.. not.

Mr. Schreiber said in an interview after the ESC that he appreciated me as an artist and that he wanted to continue to work with me – a statement about which I was very pleased at first – however, I never heard anything serious since that again.

I believe Germany made the right decision in choosing a “HIT” writer(s), because this is how one should prepare for the ESC. Not like: “Somehow, let’s look, let’s see, why don’t you just do it.”
To choose an authentic, successful singer makes sense in my opinion.
I was not, according to the team.
They told me after the ESC, that I could not connect with you – the fans and the audience – and then I was ignored.

That’s why, dear fans, there was no second video, no second single, and certainly no concerts.
And not because I did not want to.

Dear team and also dear Xavier – I wish you good luck, that you may win, and show the whole of Germany that it was right this way, that you have made the right decision.

For me, despite everyting, it was still a cool experience that I do not regret, for which I am very grateful and that I did not want to miss.
At least I was able to meet all my fans, who support me to this day. I appreciate that immensely.
You accompany me on my path, which has only now begun, and you can look forward to all that is yet to come.

Your Ann Sophie

You can read the original statement, in German, below.

Ein paar Worte..Ich erinnere mich, als wir im Sommer mit dem Team NDR, Universal, Brainpool, in einer Kick Off Runde…

Posted by Ann Sophie on Thursday, 19 November 2015

Ann Sophie Dürmeyer (1990) was born in London, United Kingdom, from German parents who later settled back to Hamburg, Germany. Ann Sophie lived as a boarding student in North Wales, while she attended school there. Ann Sophie studied ballet from age four, and moved to New York in 2010, where she attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. She released her debut single Get over yourself in 2012. Prior to representing Germany at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Black smoke, Ann Sophie released her debut album Silver into gold. Since her Eurovision-participation, the young artist has been steadily working on her career.

Enjoy Ann Sophie performing Black smoke during the grand final of Eurovision 2015:

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