Sweden: Eurovision Artists Gather to Help Refugees at ‘Hela Sverige skramlar’

by Gil Laufer 490 views

More than fifty Swedish artists will gather this evening for a live concert at the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm for Hela Sverige skramlar (Whole Sweden rattles). The money that will be collected from the concert will go to Radiohjälpen, in order to help toe refugees who come to Europe.

“The need for help is crticial and as the artists of Sweden gather for this cause, the right thing to do is to make the event available for the whole Swedish nation”, says Thomas Hall, Entertainment Manager in SVT.

Among the performing artits of tonight we can find Alcazar, Carola, Darin, Gina Dirawi, Jill Johnson, Lena Philipsson, Malena Ernman, Martin Stenmarck, Molly Sandén, Ola Salo, Petra Mede, Sanna Nielsen, Sarah Dawn Finer and more.

Some of the artists decided to do more in order to help the refugees. Two weeks ago, Carola decided to clean the family’s wardrobe, packed clothes and shoes and travelled to the Greek island of Kos. “After this year’s summer tour, I could take it easily at home. However, all the pictures and reports of the desperate refugees made me want to do something. I wanted to be in place in need with love, clothes and money”. Carola decided to invite two refugees that she met in Kos to Sweden. Now they are living at one of the immigration office’s lodging in north Stockholm.

“It’s easier for us, the artists, musicians, athletes and businessmen, to spread our message. I think that it’s a big privilege to be able to use our so-called ‘fame’ to do something good”, says Carola.

The show will be broadcasted live tonight between 19:00-22:45 CET on SVT, starting at 19:00 on SVT2 and from 20:00 on SVT1. It will be also broadcasted online on SVT Play and can be watched from all over the world.

Watch TV4’s coverage of the preparations from Globen with Malena Ernman, among others:

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