France: Jonatan Cerrada breaks the silence

by Fernando Méndez 543 views

The Belgian singer who represented France in 2004 at the Eurovision Song Contest stepped aside from his career last year after the tragic loss of his brother. Away from the media, Jonatan Cerrada recently spoke to BFM TV explaining how the events last year impacted him and his plans for the future. Jonatan Cerrada is known for being the first winner of the French talent show A la recherche de la Nouvelle Star on 10 July 2003. The following year he represented France in the Eurovision Song Contest. His first years after winning the talent show are described by Jonatan like a fierce whirl in his interview with the French news channel BFM TV, the first in five years. The whirl lasted five, six years… I look back on it with pleasure, the singer says. Still, he lost momentum at a certain point: I had enough, and frankly, the record label I worked for also had enough. Despite the sour memories, Jonatan Cerrada has no regrets of how he drove his career, and he would do everything exactly the same, the Eurovision Song Contest included. Some say that it slowed my career down. I don’t know. It was an extraordinary experience, he declared. The hiatus he took in his career is not a permanent leave, as the singer confessed that he intends to return to music, because music is a passion, he says. I believe that I will come back to it, one way or another, but maybe not through the album process, commercialization, promotion… Jonatan Cerrada may have been less active professionally, but he has stayed in close contact with his fans through the social networks, as he says, without filters. He has kept discussing things openly, some as personal as the loss of his brother. His immediate future is in Asia. He has spent some time in retreat in Bali, Indonesia after his brother’s death, and now he is about to settle down there for some time to discover a different vibe, another culture. I believe in destiny a lot; I believe that things are already written. The video of the interview is available a Jonatan Cerrada sang A chaque pas for France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004.

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