Israel: Partyline DRECK celebrates with ‘Heroes’ cover

by Gil Laufer 451 views

The well-known party line DRECK in Israel has decided to celebrate its 5th anniversary with a special cover of Heroes, the winning song of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest from Sweden.

The videoclip that was produced for the cover features men in transformation to women and drag queens. “Five years ago I couldn’t even think about dressing up like this. I had no courage. But my masculine side lives pretty well along with my feminine side, and I have no fear anymore. Looking at myself as a woman, I can’t believe that this is me! It’s so fun that I can look like this.”,  says Imri Kalmann, one of the producers of the line.

“We were looking for an empowerment song for the diversity and the power that our community has. In one of our weekly parties, the crowd really went crazy when we played ‘Heroes’, and along with the message of the song – we found out that it’s a perfect match”, says Osher Sebbag, the singer of the cover, and a co-producer as well.

Together, Imri and Osher mention that the video has no specific message, but they hope that the activities which accompany their parties, such as producing the cover of Heroes, will raise the interest and initiate talks about the relevant topics.

If you come to Tel Aviv in the future, be sure to follow the DRECK’s Facebook page for upcoming parties and activities. Meanwhile, have a go with a middle-eastern version of Heroes featuring the heroes of the DRECK:

Stay tuned to for the latest news regarding the Eurovision Song Contest.