The Netherlands: The Common Linnets visit Radio Hamburg

by Roy Knoops 492 views

The Common Linnets, who represented The Netherlands at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, are currently visiting Germany. Amongst others, they were a guest at Radio Hamburg this morning.

The Common Linnets talked with Tim Gafron from Radio Hamburg about their second place in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, which opened the door to European success for them. They also presented their song Give me a reason to the German public.

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The Common Linnets are a pure country and bluegrass-band centred around frontwoman Ilse DeLange, who is also a very successful solo-artist in The Netherlands. The other members are JB Meijers, Jake Etheridge, Rob Crosby and Matthew Crosby. At Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark, the group represented The Netherlands with the song Calm after the storm, winning their semi-final and eventually earning the second place in the grand final.

Although Ilse DeLange’s singing partner at Eurovision, artist Waylon, decided to leave the band because of artistic differences, Calm after the storm became a huge hit across Europe. Since then, The Common Linnets achieved much success, earning various prizes and establishing an international career.

Check out The Common Linnets performing Calm after the storm during the final of Eurovision 2014:

And also enjoy The Common Linnets’ latest singles Give me a reason and We don’t make the wind blow, the soundtrack for the FOX-series Wayward Pines:

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