Monaco: Françoise Hardy puts an end to her career?

by Yann Messina 8,335 views

‘This is it’. After 53 years of a huge national and international career, French singer Françoise Hardy, who represented Monaco in 1963 with L’amour s’en va, seems to have decided to quit the music industry.

Suffering from a cancer for about ten years now, the 1960s pop and fashion idol recently gave an absolutely heart breaking interview to French radio station RTL from the hospital where she had been staying for three weeks including one in a coma.

Now aged 71, Françoise Hardy declared she had reached her limits both artistically and physically: “I do not want to write lyrics anymore, I do not want to sing, this is it. There is a time when one has to know when to stop. I believe I am exhausted and I am not in shape to do something that requires a lot of energy. I know that the fatal date is coming soon. If I get better, which everybody hopes, then it will give me strength. I hope I will stand fast for those who have affection for me”.

We all hope the singer gets better indeed. Françoise Hardy, who has collaborated with the greatest artists throughout her career, had released her 27th successful album L’amour fou back in 2012 and a new best seller book Avis non autorisé… a few months ago only.