Israel: A golden welcome reception and plans for 2016

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Golden Boy, the Israeli entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, has managed to get a 9th final place for the surprise of many who were worried that Nadav Guedj will have some hard time even qualifying to the final. Yesterday night he was welcomed in his hometown Netanya by the city’s Mayor, Miriam Fireberg-Ikar, and an audience of thousands of fans.

After landing in the Tel Aviv Airport on Sunday, surrounded by fans and supporters, Nadav was asked about his feelings and his final placing: “It was so crazy and fun, it’s something different than I know and I really enjoyed every moment. I know what we brought and what we prepared, so I was hoping to finish at least 7th, but I couldn’t be happier, really.”

Nadav and his team are currently collecting materials and first album should be released in due course. Meanwhile, the Israeli Golden Boy is back in school for taking some of his final exams.


This year’s result for Israel is coming after four years of staying out of the final, with the last Top 10 result for the country dated back to 2008. Before the second semi-final, where Israel participated, it was announced that a qualification and a good result in Vienna will probably lead to using the same mechanism of sending the winner of HaKochav Haba (Rising Star) to represent Israel in Sweden next year. However, the closing and re-opening of IBA that was planned for March 2015 was postponed due to the general elections held in Israel earlier this March and might happen soon by a decision to be made by Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, that should accept or decline the suggestions of a committee created in order to sort this out. It is uncertain how this move will affect Israel’s participating in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, if at all.

Meanwhile, the registration for the auditions for the upcoming season of Hakochav Haba has already started. “If you have that dream in your heart, I insist you to come to the auditions of HaKochav Haba – you can never know how it will end. I still don’t believe it myself.”, says Nadav in the promo video:

נדב כבר הגיע לבמה הגדולה מכולן, האם אתם הבאים להגשים את החלום?

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 Stay tuned to for more updates from Tel Aviv regarding Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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