Vienna Calling: Spokespersons revealed

by Daniel Doyle 905 views

We are just a few hours away from the start of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest. Below you can find out who will be the spokesperson for each of the 40 countries who are voting tonight.

Please note that the list below is in alphabetical order. The running order voting can be found here.

  • [Albania] Andria Xhahu (Albanian spokesperson since 2012)

  • [Armenia] Lilit Muradyan

  • [Australia] Lee Lin Chin

  • [Austria] Kati Bellowitsch (Austrian spokesperson since 2011)

  • [Azerbaijan] Tural Asadou

  • [Belarus] Teo (2014 representative for Belarus)

  • [Belgium] Walid

  • [Cyprus] Loukas Hamatsos (Cypriot spokesperson since 2011)

  • [Czech Republic] Daniela Pisarovicova

  • [Denmark] Basim (2014 representative for Denmark)

  • [Estonia] Tanja (2014 representative for Estonia)

  • [FYR Macedonia] Marko Mark

  • [Finland] Krista Siegfrids (2013 representative for Finland)

  • [France] Virginie Guillaume

  • [Georgia] Natia Bunturi

  • [Germany] Barbara Schöneberger

  • [Greece] Helena Paparizou (Greek representative in 2001 as part of Antique. Winner of the 2005 contest)

  • [Hungary] Csilla Tatar

  • [Iceland] Sigridur Halldorsdottir

  • [Ireland] Nicky Byrne (Former member of the band Westlife and Irish spokesperson since 2013)

  • [Israel] Ofer Nachshom (Israeli spokesperson since 2009)

  • [Italy] Federico Russo

  • [Latvia] Markus Riva

  • [Lithuania] Ugné Galadauskaite

  • [Malta] Julia Zahra

  • [Moldova] Olivia Fortuna

  • [Montenegro] Andrea Demirović (2009 representative for Montenegro)

  • [Norway] Margrethe Røed

  • [Poland] Cleo

  • [Portugal] Suzy (2014 representative for Portugal)

  • [Romania] Sonia Argint Ionescu

  • [Russia] Dmitry Shepelev

  • [San Marino] Valentina Monetta (2012, 13, 14 representative for San Marino)

  • [Serbia] Maia Nikolić

  • [Slovenia] Tinkara Kovac (2014 representative for Slovenia)

  • [Spain] Lara Siscar

  • [Sweden] Mariette Hanson

  • [Switzerland] Maia Nikolić

  • [The Netherlands] Edsilia Rombley

  • [United Kingdom] Nigella Lawson

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