Eurovision Odds: Now just the finalists remain

by Richard West-Soley 309 views

The dust has barely settled on two explosive finals full of surprises, and the bookmakers’ wheels are turning again. With seven more countries swept off the favourites board tonight, and the final drawing ever closer, we take another look at the state of play with the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 winner odds.

Notably, Sweden is still the only country from the second semifinal to feature in the top six favourites, now on remarkably short odds. The rest remain largely unchanged, with Italy and Russia an ever closer second and third, followed by Australia, Estonia, and now, Belgium, which has risen into sixth place as Serbia slips back slightly to eighth.

Sweden aside, the big favourites from Thursday’s clutch of happy countries are Norway, Azerbaijan and Slovenia, all still attracting plenty of confidence and cash within the top ten.

Predicting the tops – and the flops

As for the unlucky countries, the odds largely got it right. Iceland, however, was the highest casualty from the second semifinal cull, and biggest surprise in terms of previous betting confidence. María had been sitting comfortably within the top 15 favourites for some time before Thursday night’s disappointment.

Despite this, odds had been very long on those other countries that failed to qualify; Portugal and Czech Republic, for example, had been on exceptionally long odds of 200-1 or more, whilst Ireland, although highly rated by some fans, never seemed to make an impact with the betting public.

For the first time now, all the 2015 betting options are finalists. At the top lies Sweden; at the bottom, Poland, Montenegro, Germany, Austria and Hungary as the rank outsiders. However, over the past week we have seen how bookies can be both accurate predictors and sheepish failures. How close now is the favourites table to the likely outcome? And how much will it change before Saturday evening? There’s all to play for – it’s game on for the final countdown at the bookmakers!

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