Iceland: Icelands’ jury vote is safe

by Roy Knoops 226 views

Due to a strike of the notaries working for the Reyk­javik Dis­trict Com­mis­sioner, the jury vote from Iceland seemed to be in jeapardy this year. However, a solution has been found, and Icelands’ jury vote and participation in this years’ Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, Austria, is safe.

The notaries of the Reykjavik District Commissioner have always been in charge in overseeing the jury vote for the Eurovision Song Contest in Iceland. But the notaries are on strike, and it was unsure if Iceland could deliver its jury vote, which makes up 50% of the eventual votes from the country, even endangering Icelands’ participation in Eurovision 2015.

Hence the problems have been averted, now that PwC Iceland will supervise the Icelandic jury vote. PwC is the official vote supervisor of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), in charge of auditing the complete voting process for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Thus, Iceland will be able to deliver its jury vote, and will will participate in Eurovision 2015 unhindered.

Iceland will be represented by María Ólafs (Ólafsdóttir) with the song Unbroken at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna, Austria. Listen to Unbroken below:

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